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I had sex with a female in feb of 2006 and tested negative 12.4 weeks later using a rapid test. I worry this test was not accurate because I drank water within 5 minutes of the test because I was so nervous my mouth was dry. The reason I tested was because of all the symptoms I was having. I developed a sore throat 6 days after contact and had huge tonsils with white spots, sore lymph nodes in the groin pelvic area 2 weeks later and noticed a white spot on the side of my tongue in May. I have what looks like hairy leukoplakia on both sides on my tongue. I have had excessive gas a stomach growling which could be attributed for the candidasis. Bowel movements were loose for the longest time after the exposure, I still have loose ones often. Now, after testing negative in May, I have been prescribed Diflucan and Nystatin for a white coating on my tongue that I developed - I was never told I had thrush. They called in an order to the pharmacy after results came back from a swab. After looking into the reason these are prescribed I can not say Iím thrilled. I did take amoxicillin at 500 mg twice a day for about a week to fight the throat infection when this started in March but could I still have oral thrush from that? How long can the tongue be coated white after oral thrush starts and is fought? If oral thrush is a seroconversion symptom, shouldnít my immune system kick it after a while? We are in June already and Iím waiting for a normal tongue. Now I have developed a persistent cough and spit out small amount of mucous for the last 2 weeks and have isolated sore lymph nodes on my back and left leg, my left chest area last week - nothing that swells but they are sore to the touch. Did I screw up the test in May when I drunk water right before the test - I wasnít told not to drink or eat anything? I know that I have posted before but my symptoms are not going away and I have been tortured with not being able to accept a negative result because of them. I want to accept the result but what is going on here?

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