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Hi everyone...i'd like to get some advice from you guys regarding something I did. A couple nights ago, I performed unprotected oral sex on a man and then we had protected anal sex. Everything was fine, except about 2 hours later, I noticed in the mirror that I had a small scab on my lower lip, you know, in the area where you put chapstick on(I tend to bite the dead skin off my lips). There were no other noticeable cuts/sores in my mouth at the time nor was there any noticeable precum when I was giving him the bj, but I started worrying that maybe there was indeed precum and it got in  the area on my lip I had been biting. What if the there was no scab yet when I was sucking? What do you guys think? I'm not worried about the anal sex because he was only in me for like two minutes and he came in the condom while pulling out. The blowjob does scare me though, especially because I also got a case of gingivitis and swelling of the roof of my mouth a day later, but I think that could have been due to the fact that I didn't brush my teeth till the next morning because I heard not to brush right after or right before oral sex. (I've had gingivitis/swelling of the hard palate ever since I was a child though). I'm always safe and I get tested yearly, but what do you think my risk of catching anything, especially HIV, is from this incident? Thanks so much for all your help!

Matty the Damned:
The chances of you contracting HIV from this incident are, in real terms, zero. The scab on your lip is nothing to fret about. You used condoms for anal and that's a great thing.

Other STD's such as chlamydia and gonorrhoea are much more contagious than HIV and can be transmitted via oral sex. You may wish to consider being screened for these.

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thanks matty. i guess i just needed the reassurement. you know how crazy the mind can be sometimes. i know the risk of getting hiv from oral is low, even with cuts and stuff, but i tend to be very obsessive over tiny details, just like the scab i described above!

As Matty said: practically zero. If you're obsessive about these things though... well, post again, and I'll reply again.

Gingivitis is treatable (mostly). I have a great dentist, shop around for one.

What? He came in two minutes?! Dude (assuming you're a dude), that was either seriously hot sex or seriously bad sex. Keep us posted.


To be honest, it was probably ONE minute. Yeah, VERY, VERY bad! Thanks for the reply!


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