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Well not to get off the subject, the senate voted 99-0 with one abstention on or about May 17, 2006 to significantly increase HB-1 high tech visas (see Senate Bill 2612 <>).   This policy will significantly deplete the federal government of desperately needed funds to fight hiv disease.  Because every time a foreign worker makes money instead of an american, that worker is paying his taxes to his home country instead of the US.  Most interesting to note is that all of the democrats supported this.  All this rhetoric about criminalizing illegal aliens was nothing more than a smoke screen; the same bill gave citizenship to more than 11 million illegals. 

   The lack of funds to fight hiv is quite scarry.  And this only goes to illustrate how desperate things are.  Washington state will not even add 90 more terminally ill patients to the insurance continuation program and the local ASO wants us to have congress allow more than 25% of Ryan White to administration instead of using it for medical treatment.

   Our governments banking, taxing, and immigration policies are bankrupting us and hiv treatment is suffering as a result.


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