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MSD/Merck’s once-weekly phase 2 study stopped - NNRTI MK-8507


Jim Allen:
Not many details yet but seems the MK-8507 study has stopped due to concerns.

Full article on i-base can be found here:

In Short:

--- Quote ---MSD/Merck’s once-weekly phase 2 study stopped due to safety concerns with NNRTI MK-8507: islatravir studies continue

On 18 November 2021, a press release from MSD/Merck included top line concerns about an investigational NNRTI currently being studied with islatravir as a component of once-weekly oral ART.

The statement reports decreases in total lymphocyte and CD4 counts in participants receiving MK-8507 + islatravir that were dose-related to the NNRTI and were sufficient for dosing to be stopped.

--- End quote ---

Well that's not good news.  Hopefully they can figure out why that is happening and fix the issue if it is fixable.


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