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Can I Transmit if I am Undetectable?


I have been undetectable for over 4 years now, never miss a dose. My sexual partner of 5 months just tested positive on a rapid HIV test. He was negative right before he met me. We never used protection. He is blaming me for contracting HIV... But is that even possible??? Could I cause him to have a false rapid test some how???

Are you sure you are the only partner he has had in the last year? I would be skeptical about that one since you are undetectable.

Jim Allen:

Considering the question and that your sexual partner has not been diagnosed, I've moved your post to "How can I prevent HIV"  Here, only authorized members will reply and answer questions.

--- Quote ---Could I cause him to have a false rapid test some how???
--- End quote ---

In short, no. You didn't give him a false reactive test result.

The rapid test result isn't a diagnosis, it's just a reactive screening test, and false reactive results happen. For example, false reactive tests can happen due to cross antibody reaction to other current or past infections. Hence he will need further testing to rule out HIV.

--- Quote ---Can I Transmit if I am Undetectable?
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The short answer is no.

As long as you have had a suppressed viral load with treatment for 6+ months and kept taking your meds, you can't sexually pass on HIV. So if your partner acquired HIV, they might blame you, but you have no blame, and I presume you have taken your meds to maintain viral suppression. 

--- Quote ---We never used protection. He is blaming me for contracting HIV
--- End quote ---

From an HIV point of view, you did. It's called TaSP (U=U)

You are an easy target to blame. However, if what you posted is the whole story, then he didn't aquire HIV from you, and he seemingly is willing to engage in condomless intercourse knowing the risks and blame others for his choices afterwards.

I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing this, can only imagine how stressful this is for you, and I hope things are resolved soon. Not sure if I could remain or if it's advisable to remain in contact with someone making such claims against you.

Best case scenario, it's a false reactive result but keep us posted, and feel free to post any questions or updates here in this thread.



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