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Hi, I'm new here and I just wanted to ask a question. I've been on Biktarvy for two weeks and someone who I used to be sexually involved with hit me up wanting to have sex again. He's HIV positive too but refuses to go to the doctor. I lied and told him I couldn't link with him because I had other plans tonight. The doctor at the ID center told me that Biktarvy is made up of 3 drugs and that they are also in PreP. I just want to know if Biktarvy protects you if you have sex with someone who is HIV positive and not on medication?

Jim Allen:

The short answer to your question is yes.

If I understand correctly, you are living with HIV, and started treatment two weeks ago, and your concern is when having sex with someone who has untreated HIV, will you be protected against acquiring another strain of HIV.

To start with, HIV Superinfection (reinfection) would be rare enough, and your meds would work as PrEP. PrEP has shown to have near 99% effectiveness, not to mention you are taking more meds than there are in PrEP.

A more realistic concern would be co-infection with another STI. So do consider condoms to reduce your risks, ask your doctor about getting vaccinated against STIs like HPV & Hepatitis B and test out of routine for STIs yearly.

If we turned that question around, it's a slightly different story and depends, so if the question was can you pass on HIV? Then the answer would be, that a person living with HIV, who is on Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) (HAART) and has achieved an undetectable viral load* in their blood for at least six months, can not sexually transmit HIV.

So it would depend on how long you have been on treatment and had a suppressed virial load.

Finally, I moved your post to the prevention forum as it's a safer sex question. However, I hope you stick around on the forums, and if you do, please post a general introduction topic letting us know how you are getting on so that the other forum members can get to know you.

You can post your introduction in the "I Just tested positive" section if you are recently diagnosed (Less than 12 months) or otherwise in the "Living with HIV" section.

Best, Jim

Thanks so much❣

Jim Allen:
You're welcome.


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