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Top 5 count down of weirdest HIV transmission myths from

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Jim Allen:
This post could fit a number of forum different sections, but ill leave it here in "HIV prevention" and the thread open for regular members to comment on if they so wish.

The lessons are pretty excellent and complete when it comes to HIV education, treatment, Living with HIV and finally transmission & prevention however I must admit this top 5 count down of weirdest HIV transmission myths from is pretty neat and worth sharing.

The number 1 myth listed is a topic or at least a variation of this, tend to come up on the "Am I infected" forum.

09 January 2018
Full op 5 count down can be found here:

--- Quote ---Myth 1: Girl goes to cinema and comes out with HIV

Rumour: During the 1990s, a common myth suggested that discarded needles left by strangers anywhere from gas pump handles to inside your cinema chair were infecting unassuming people with HIV. One such story involved a girl getting an unexpected needle stick injury while reaching down beneath her cinema seat to pick up some popcorn.

Reality: Although HIV transmission is a risk between people who share needles for drug use, there has actually never been a recorded case of HIV transmission from a discarded needle. However, if you are concerned that you have received a needle stick injury, you should seek medical advice to get checked up for hepatitis C and B instead.

--- End quote ---

Good one. I wish I had seen that list before I confessed to my wife I had been messing around. I do eat a lot of fruit so may have gotten away with the banana claim.

Expect the Am I infected thread traffic to increase now you have posted that.

Jim Allen:
People think up all kinds of crazy transmission routes for tones of reasons, a lot of it however lives between paranoid to truly insane.


Jim Allen:

Seen this one repeated on a few "news sites" and "social" media networks this week about cadbury products being a HIV danger.  Its a variation of a very old hoax and nobody can/is or would be a risk from food.
Its a simple variation of the old fizzy drink myth no.4

Jim Allen:
Repeat After Me: You Can’t Get HIV From Food!

--- Quote ---The internet rumor mill just won’t quit. Remember those fake news stories about children getting HIV from eating Walmart bananas? Nothing but clickbait. Well, a new version of that story is making the rounds. This latest rumor makes the outlandish (and scientifically impossible) claim that a worker at a Cadbury candy factory was arrested for contaminating products with his HIV-positive blood and that people should therefore avoid eating the chocolates or risk contracting the virus.

--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---This rumor is baseless on many levels. No arrests have been made nor have any warnings about contaminated products been issued, according to fact-checking website In fact, the rumor is nearly identical to a previous one involving Pepsi.
More important, Snopes points out: “HIV is unable to reproduce outside its living host; it does not spread or maintain infectiousness outside its host. Therefore, were HIV-tainted blood to be mixed into foodstuffs or beverages, the virus would neither survive nor while it was still viable multiply and so replenish itself.” And where does Snopes get its info? No less an authority than the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
--- End quote ---


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