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Taking Descovy with hot water/milk (PrEP)?


Hello, this morning I took my Descovy (for PrEP) with really warm water. It was in a styrofoam cups and I didn't realize the temperature until the pill water was in my mouth ( pill was already in there).
I know that warm temperatures can mess with some meds chemically, but since I swallowed it within five seconds of putting it in my mouth, was the pill still as effective as normal?
Did the high temperature of the water ( not coffee or tea hot but hotter than lukewarm) change the efficacy of the medicine and should I take another dose? Or am I overthinking the situation.

Jim Allen:

You're overthinking it. I'll add I take my own meds daily for many years with a steaming hot coffee. I would not store my meds in that temperature though.

Best, Jim


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