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I'm UD, But Blood beacause of Bad gum can infectious?

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Hello, I tested Poz in 2017 H2
Also UD in 2018 1/4 with taking Genvoya.
However, initial My VL detected 40 in August 2019 then I get my VL undetected in March 2020.

I have a BF who is Negative. We haven't did anal sex but oral sex & kissing. What I scared about infection. My gum is bad when I brush my teeth with blood.
Recently, My BF have had a dry cough for one week and small rash with itchy.
I'm very afraid about my BF's infection

Please give advice for me. Thanks😭

Your VL has always been small, you say 40 copies then Ud?

If this is the case itís highly unlikely youíve passed it on , as the U=U was done on VL under 200. But if youíre both worried the only real way to know is to get tested.

Good luck to you both

Oh thank you for Ur reply!
My VL result in fisrt case was almost 80k.
5 months later, My VL was UD

Jim Allen:

Welcome to the forum, I moved this thread & question to the prevention area, considering the question is regarding transmission fears.

Oral covers so many things, but, ill presuming he gave you a blowjob so it would only be a minute risk even if you were not on treatment and kissing is not a concern, however, you are on treatment and UD so there was no HIV transmission risk.

To clarify and confirm what Macanthony said a VL of 40 is also UD both in terms of treatment and the U=U statement.

See a person living with HIV (PLHIV), who is on Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) and has achieved an undetectable viral load* in their blood for at least 6 months, can not sexually transmit HIV.

This is also known as Undetectable = Untransmittable (U=U)

(*undetectable viral load for U=U is defined as less than 200 copies/milliliter)

I hope your BF feels better soon, but if what you posted is correct it is not HIV from you. He should see a doctor and treat whatever is making him sick instead of stressing about it.

Best, Jim

Thanks Jim. A good Answer for me.
I just heard my BF noticed Shingles.
Can shingles can be existed acute HIV syptoms?


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