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First monkeypox shot


I got my first monkeypox vax last week, in my forearm. I go back in 28 days for the second. My question is, I haven't had any reaction at all to the shot. Like no red spot, no raised skin, no nothing. Not even any soreness. It was an intradermal injection like a TB test. Some slight tenderness maybe right after the shot, but that's it. Even that night when I pulled the bandaid off I had barely any visible sign. I have spoken to some friends who got it the same day and they all had a red spot and some reaction. I spoke to a nurse at the health department this morning & she said that when they gave it there would have been a raised place in my arm and the nurse who gave it to me wouldn't have let me leave without seeing that, so maybe I just got lucky? Just had expected some kind of visible reaction. Just wonder if any of you who have gotten it have had virtually no reaction either.


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