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mystery trial


Sunday afternoon (Australian east coast time) I received a call from my doctors clinic saying they are enrolling participants in a study.

It's for nonresponders. After 10 years of undetectable viral loads i can't crack 250 cd4s hopefully this new trial will find something that boosts cd4s. I don't know any details yet. Tuesday morning will be my first appointment.

I will maintain my currents. ARTs.

Keep us updated!
I wouldn’t mind adding a few cd4 to my collection  ;)

The last place on the trial got filled before I could have my entry appointment.

Disappointed but trying to console myself with the notion that if it works it'll be released, if it doesn't work then nothing lost.

But still, it is a big disappointment,  I don't even know what the investigational substance is.

So apparently another slot has been found, off to see the vampires and investigators friday

congrats and best wishes!  :D


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