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Hiv positive - scared of meds

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Thank you for all of your replies!
Its nice to hear every positive thing 🙏🏼
I dont know anyone with HiV, so its all new and didnt know very much about it.
I was at the hospital today, im going to start biktarvy next sunday. Hope the sideeffects wont be too bad.
Im already on some meds for my anxiety, and there was a period with side effects so im kinda prepared in that sence. My cd4 levels were 553, so i guess thats good, mostly so high because i was recently infected.

Great news!! happy for you. Dont think too much about side effects because they may fade away in couple of weeks. Give time sometime.


          ojo.          Hi am welcome SBnew…I’ve been taking meds for 28 years, I never thought about side effects, on the contrary, I always thought about the benefit he would bring to my life. I think about my medication, every time that I take it, as my vitamin, And lucky you that you have to take just one pill a day , I take eight pills every day, 8 vitamins. Just focos en n the benefits in taking that vitamin every day at the same time And ch for interaction,
I think you cannot take vitamins with it unless you take the medication with that vitamins with food. Check with your doctor… please keep us posted, you will be OK.

I'm all about the data.

Check out the information ("package insert") of your medication. Any medication, not just HIV meds. Check out the data about side effects. There's always the list of general limited side effects (headache, nausea, blah, blah, blah) that usually stop in a short amount of time after your body adjusts (by raising the med levels in your blood, and lowering the level of HIV).

Then look at the facts about the percentages of patients who have negative long term side effects. TBH I'm not a betting man at all, but when there's only a 1-5% chance of a side effect I NEVER assume that I'm going to be in the small percentage. Sure it "might" happen but when the odds are 95% that I'm NOT going to have a negative side effect, well that's a good thing! And that's not even just being hopeful. With a 95% of NO side effects, that's damn near a sure bet!

I believe a lot of living with HIV, and life in general for that matter, is about your attitude. I've survived a house fire, the loss of two long term partners, 3 burglaries, nearly dying in a hospital several times, 38 yrs with HIV, 30 yrs with meds, and over 25 different meds through the years. I didn't make it through that because I was awesome or something; but I did muddle through all of it and what I found out was that unless you're dead, then somehow you actually WILL pull the strength out of yourself to get through the tough times. Consider how you are feeling right now. You  do realize, don't you, that this time next year everything you're feeling and worrying about (no matter HIV, meds, or any of situation in your life) will all be a distant memory of things that happened to you and that you got through. For all our worries, life doesn't care and things keep moving on - and so do all of us.

Finally (i know, i know. i write too much. I talk too much so be glad you're not here in person. LOL) try to be practical about the things that worry you - like these meds. You take the meds, and if you have a side effect (like throwing up or headaches), you take care of those symptoms and see what happens after the next day's dose. If you're still feeling negative symptoms from the meds after a week, then simply call your doctor and see "these aren't' working for me. what's next that I could try?". When you find meds that work well and don't make you sick, I suggest people stick with what works; but when the meds aren't working out, try something else.


--- Quote from: SBnew on June 24, 2022, 10:45:09 am ---My cd4 levels were 553

--- End quote ---
the number to really consider is the HIV Viral Load. As long as that is Undetectable then your CD4s will be able to recover and that number will be whatever it's going to be for you because of your genetics. As long as your count is >200 you're not in danger of any opportunistic diseases and there's no reason to care about your cd4 number.

I mean, there's actually nothing we as patients can do to change our CD4 numbers. No drugs or treatments. Of course living healthier (eating right, exercise, etc) will help bump the cd4 number up; but whatever peak your cd4 will get to is based on the genetics your parents passed to you.......and adhering to daily HIV meds to keep HIV from destroying your cd4s.  ;)

I told you I like being practical. ;) Since I really can't affect my cd4 counts except by taking my HIV meds, I take my HIV meds. As long as I remain undetectable, cd4 counts are not something to worry about. It's just another number to know (and as variable as) my weight, my temperature or my blood pressure.


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