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Hiv positive - scared of meds

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So i was diagnosed last week, im in a comitted relationsship, so didnt even consider it. But he was infected before and didnt know. I have had hiv since march this year.

I am going in tomorrow to talk about medications and which ones i will get.
But i am scared of sideeffects - especially weightgain, since i lost over 20 kg in the past two year, second i have anxiety and previously had a depression, so scared it will make it worse or make my depression come back.

Guess i just need some reassurance  :-\

There are more meds out there than used to be.  The ones I'm on didn't make me gain weight.  I'm on one set and my partner is on another and we have the same doctor.

We are both also on Clonazopan... an anxiety/anti depressant. 

Talk to you doctor.  Make sure you tell them everything and make sure they listen.  I've been taking meds for 20 years now and I know of other on here who've taken them for longer.

They are just pills.  Nearly everyone takes a pill for something.

Keep doing what you doing, exercising, eating right, having friends... it'll all be good.

Bubba hugs!

Jim Allen:

Sorry to hear about the diagnosis.

I agree with Patrick.

There are plenty of combinations, so you can switch if you end up on something that doesn't suit you. I've been on my most recent combination of meds (Triumeq) since 2014 (i think) and it suits me fine, no issues for me, but I have had combinations that I could not manage before, so I switched.

Do make sure the doctor is aware of the depression.

How are you doing/feeling otherwise? Did you find out what your viral load & CD4 was after the diagnosis?

How is your partner doing? Have they started treatment?


I am sorry for your recent diagnosis. I know, it is not easy to digest. too much to think about at the same time.

I am here to assure you that you will be fine. All what you really need is be responsible about adherence when you start your medication. Dont worry about side effects, unlike past years, first line treatments are many and you can easily switch until you are happy and fine with your regime.

The mental health is also as important as your physical health. Depending on where are you based on the global map, try to speak with peer support, if available.

Finally, you are not alone. You can consider this forum as your virtual family, we do care about one another and everyone support in the way they can. So let me WELCOME you to our SPECIAL club.

Take good care of yourself now, and feel free to write us back. Oh, it is also so important to establish a good connection with your medical care provider, speak, ask, question, discuss. Life is yours, its your choice .. i decided to live happy and i hope you will, too.


Hey SB

Hope this finds you well.

 As others have said, you try one combination, if that's not right for you try another, rinse & repeat.  I'm old school having been on various HIV medications since 1990, some feel rough, some feel good.

Definitely  get some assistance with the depression,  it no use having a long unhappy life. Again something I can relate to.

Take care


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