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48 million viral load during acute hiv with fever and moderate flu like illness

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--- Quote from: gpapadop91 on October 10, 2022, 01:16:25 pm ---So if you want and only if you have time please only, explain in more detail please the relation between resistance and rising cd4? Body understands will lose fight and so creates more cd4s?

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resistance is what happens when the meds no longer work well against HIV. If this happens you will see your viral load start to go back up (with at least a few tests showing the result is climbing) and you would need to change medications. However, resistance only happens when you take your meds haphazardly. For example, if you take your meds 4 days in a row, then skip 2 days, then take them for 3 days and skip 1....etc. Taking the meds off and on like that can allow the amount of meds in your system to dip too low and HIV may "learn" to not be affected by those meds. However, this doesn't mean skipping meds one or two times would cause resistance. As long as you take your meds 95% of the time, the meds should continue to work well for you. In the past, resistance was a big issue but the meds these days are much better and, quite frankly, you have to be a terrible paitent barely taking your meds for resistance to be an issue.

here's some more information about resistance I have posted before:

--- Quote from: gpapadop91 on October 10, 2022, 01:16:25 pm ---My 167 CDs going to 534 in one year and still undetectable, means something bad or pulls still continue working well ??

Body understands will lose fight and so creates more cd4s? 
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cd4s going from 167 to 534 in a year is incredibly good. You want to keep the HIV viral load undetectable (or at least <200) and you want your cd4 count to be >200. The normal range for cd4s is considered 400-1200. Your count of 534 is perfectly normal and if it increases more that is a very good thing as it means your immune system has recovered from the damage done by HIV.

--- Quote from: Jim Allen on October 10, 2022, 01:34:44 pm ---Hmmm...Do I think that I will remain UD for 20 years if I take my meds correctly?
Yes, I take my meds and that's my expectation. I don't have any medical conditions that cause absorption issues and I check for interactions.
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Yes! Me and a whole lot of friends have been on meds for 30+ years and are still doing fine. some of us have changed meds though, mainly as meds improved to reduce the amount of pills. I used to take 28 pills a day way back in 1992. Now I take 2 a day....and I've been undetectable for 20 years already and expecting that for another 40 years.  :D

Jim Allen:

--- Quote from: gpapadop91 on October 10, 2022, 01:26:55 pm ---Hey Jim my best friend , I say this because I really feel this 🙏🏽🤗

I will write you on pm or I will tell you. This year I wil come for sure to Dublin close to Xmas with my son 🤝🤝🤝🥰😚🌷😻🌹

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Sounds good.

Jim Allen:

--- Quote ---expecting that for another 40 years.  :D
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Ill have a comment on this for our next virtual gathering.


           ojo.          @goaoadop91…glad to hear you are doing good but, I agree with Jim, I think you are worrying, again, for something that may never gappen to you, abd if it were to happen, you have lits of options to switch to, you have not history of resistance, do you?…worry until you have something that be worried about, not before because you will live with stress and you will be wasting  time, keep yourself busy and keep enjoying life as you have been doing for a while…it’s always good to hear from our members that they have learned to live with the virus and have gone back to live their lives fully. Just take your meds as prescribed and go back to live lufe because live is short with or without hiv…good luck

Ps I’m one of the “lucky” ones with a history of resistance, I have been taking my “salvage” treatment for 17 years abd I’m not worried about my treatment not working anymore.


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