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my girl friend has just been diagnosed with aids

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these medications above are they first line treatments still used in the USA and europe? since its russia i am concerned she may be on outdated treatment, i have a european passport, if there is better treatment out there maybe it would be best to try find a way to get her to europe.
whats your opinions jim on these antivirals  are they outdated or good quality?

The meds she is taking are all good 1st line medications.  They are all used currently in USA and Europe.  There are a few newer versions of the meds but the advantages are minor and to get them outside a National program would be expensive.

They are not outdated, and if used consistently will restore her immune system. 

Like someone else pointed out, if they a
re effective she may take them many years.  If problems occur, the doctors may adjust as needed.

Her CD4s are low, but if she is otherwise healthy she can do normal  routine.

After her viral load is undetectable for six months, you can resume normal sex, until then use condoms.

Good luck for both of you.  Her doctors seem on top of this.

thank you expat

Hi needhope,

I am on what some called “older” meds & it is working very well for me. Of course I am from a country that does not have new meds. It already 5 years. What is needed is to start treatment & bring down the VL. Antibiotics is also needed to fend off any possible OI.

As for CD4 numbers, don’t stress too much as it will takes time for it to increase. How fast? Nobody can tell as the progress (of seeing increase in CD4) is different from person to another person.

Covid is still around, not sure it is wise to travel too much for treatment. I think better stay put as she has already started seeing Dr there.

I also want to add that your GF CD4 is “higher” then mine when I first diagnosed. I feel very normal then. So, don’t worry much as she has already started seeing Dr.


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