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my girl friend has just been diagnosed with aids

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She went in to a coma and passed away on the 24th february. this is the hardest thing i have ever been through in my life.i am absolutely devastated about her death but what really traumatises me isnt her death itself, its everything that she has been through.she didnt want to tell her family and the hospital only informed her family not long before she went in the coma, while she still had some cognitive function. She only then gave me the contact number of her brother. Before she went in the coma she wrote me messages i couldnt understand, leaving voice messages that showed by the way she spoke she had severe brain damage. she then stopped messaging me and i found out from her brother she went in to a coma. No visitors were aloud so she died alone. Her family has been completely destroyed, and i have held it in and not spoken about it to anyone, i told our mutual friends and my parents she passed away from a brain tumour. the way aids destroyed  her is the most horrible thing i have ever experienced, i would not wish it on my worst enemy. i miss her dearly and i am devastated about her dying but i am severely traumatised about her suffering and the deterioration leading up to her death, the antivirals and the antibiotics couldnt save her, if only she had been diagnosed earlier on. this has shaken me to the core and i never thought this would happen. when her brother sent me photos of the funeral i was heart broken i hadnt been with her by her side through the process leading up to her death, her dying alone has crushed my soul.

Very sorry for your loss. May she rest in peace.

Jim Allen:
Wishing you strength during this time.


          ojo.           Hello new hope, Im so sorry for your loss, she fought a very battle, she was a fighter, sadly, she lost the battle. Im sure, she was happy knowing you were there all that time she was in the hospital, you should feel proud of yourself because, at a distance, you were there making her stronger to fight the disease, Im sure she appreciated you being there for her.

I just wish you, resignation and, if you can, talk to others about your experience and how important is to get tested regularly for all stds, including hiv, you might be saving somebody elses goes on, celebrate her life living at the of luck and I hope you keep being strong...hugs

Very sad to read this updates. Wish u condolence. Stay strong sir.


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