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HIV medication that you can buy yourself at low cost?


Next year I will lose my Ryan White coverage. I will go over the income limit by a small amount. I know you can get atriple from Canada called viraday at a low cost of $2000 per year is there any other medication out there with a low cost ?? I may decide to stop medications due to high cost. With Ryan White I pay over $3000 a month for Biktarvy. In Canada you get it for half the cost why??


--- Quote from: gafry53 on October 04, 2020, 11:08:40 am ---I may decide to stop medications due to high cost. With Ryan White I pay over $3000 a month for Biktarvy.

--- End quote ---
1) don't stop your meds. that can lead to complications.
2) you need to talk to someone at Ryan White. (is there a RW coordinator at your doctor office/clinic?)  if you have insurance, in most states (I thought it was all states now) RW ADAP covers premiums and often copays. I'm surprised your costs are that high already. Make sure when you talk to someone that you explain your out of pocket costs are going to stop you from adhering to your regimen. That'll light a first under their butts, as med adherence is one of the RW measurements that all clinics must adhere to. ;)

If your on medicare the drug company card is no good. rip off

Found a new site to buy HIV drugs from Australia.

     I use it and got 90 days supply of Atripla generic drug. 

Jim Allen:
Tell you what we will do.

I just checked the site you provided and the mother company as well. All I see is a site with a maze of links related to a major clothing manufacturing company owned by a company that licences trademarks from third parties.

So I've removed the link for now and ill ask (give you one single opportunity) to provide the direct link where the meds can be purchased directly and related to this clothing company.

Now if for whatever reason your next post does not provide exactly that ill be giving you a permanent ban.


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