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Forgot to mention , we are both isolating for 5 days, but I did get out today and bought 2 more test kits of 2 tests each.



It's been 7 days since we both tested positive for COVID.  We just retested, with our home kit,... and we both tested negative ! We both had a pretty good go of this, mostly sinuses than anything. Never any fevers.

But we are both doing great !

Ray  8)

Jim Allen:
Changing this thread from a "sticky" topic to a regular thread at this stage.

Also, I will not be updating or merging topics here about COVID anymore. COVID will be with us for a while, years and years, I think, but it's not a panic topic anymore. 

Ray et others -  thanks for your replies on the other thread.  Replying back via the correct thread now. 

Well - i am now well enough to write a follow-up post although cant say ill be coherent!

Despite what my doc said and others here,  i always feared dealing with covid before my immunity improved.  Last CD4was 120 in September (up from May nadir of 9)  and although i had 4 pfizer shots - the last was in June.  Id previously tested for antibody levels after one shot and before the next to learn they drop to below thresholds (in me) after only 4 months.   

I knew it was just a matter of time no matter how cautious i could be (and we are always masking).  Entire household got it.  But non worse than I.  What started as a scratchy throat and stayed that way for half the first day (was hopeful i would be a lucky mostly asymptomatic person)  rapidly declined over an hour or two into muscle aches,  pains, uncontrolled shivers them, fever for 3 days (topping at 39.5) and culminating in a throat so soar it was a painful effort to swallow my own saliva.

Fortunately i rat tested my throat at first symptom emergence   for a positive coiv result (nasal was negative) and called my doc.  He quickly packaged up a box of paxlovid,  cough syrups,  and Magisec which is a combined panodal ibuprofin pill that worked great.  They say 1+1=3 on magisec.  I had my own mix if things to ensure i could get a full nights sleep and pretty much stayed in bed for 3 days. And didnt stop hydrating!  Water,  water,  water. Sometimes hot. sometimes cold sometimes fizzy,  sometime not. 

How do I  know if the paxlovid worked?  I really dont know.  What i do know is i woudlnt have wanted to experience without it.  Although everyone else in the household had a milder course  i cleared it faster (negative on 4th day after first symptoms).  I must admit i was indeed scared and being so is really is not helpful. Not at all.  but what can i do?    Coming to terms with an HIv diagnosis at 60 and having covid a few months later -  i was just worried the soar throat was going to go septic, or something else was going to knock me down again.  The Xray of My lungs in may looked exactly like a patient with covid induced pneumonia with that “broken glass” appearance.  Could i keep this out of my lungs?  Went through all the mental challenges i went through in may.  What have i done to myself,  what have i done to my family.  Blah blah blah torturing myself.  And yes i can recognize when im getting depressed and i was.    I allow a certain time for it, wollowing in my own self pity i guess, but usually  at some point of diminishing returns on those thought patterns i stop looking inward and go outward.     

Throughout  i Kept monitoring blood pressure,  HR and and in particular O2  Although O2 did drop to the lowest ive seen it (92%) it would go back above 96 after a few minutes of walking around and i was never short of breath or coughing so wasnt too concerned about lungs .   The particular point of attack on me was my throat - with terrible pain and yellow gobby phlegm. 

Well -  retired very early last night.  after a slow consumption of warm broth, was lethargically  limp, muscly soar and with a clammy sweat - even though it was my first negative rat test day i was thinking perhaps ive got a secondary infection now.   Knocked myself out for the night.   overnight  someone must have waived a magic wand over me because in the morning i was fine.   No soar throat (how did that dissapear?)  no more fever,   no need for fever meds,  and a good strong negative nasal and throat RAT.

Knock on wood but i seem to have survived Covid with HIV.   :) :)  Im sooo happy! And stepping  forward into the future with more confident steps!


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