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Jim Allen:

The coronavirus outbreak continues to be a hot topic, as such, I have merged all related threads into this single sticky post.

I will continue to merge any new threads regarding the virus, this effort is not only to avoid duplication but also to ensure people who want to discuss it can and, with the latest information.

Additionally, this means that members who are finding the topic particularly distressing or those wishing to take a break from COVID-19 news can and aren't confronted with dozens of separate threads across the forum.

Finally, a small ask to please be additionally mindful and patient with each other during these times and to stay away and refrain from sharing unofficial/unreliable news sources or sensationalized media. Thank you.

To find the latest updates has continuing coronavirus coverage specifically for people living with HIV here:

Few valuable links.

What People With HIV Need to Know About the New Coronavirus

What People With Liver Disease Need to Know About the New Coronavirus

What People With Cancer Need to Know About the New Coronavirus

Experts shed light on coronavirus response and its implications for people with HIV

--- Quote ---In summary:
1. People with CD4 >200 and undetectable on ART are considered at no greater risk than the general population; follow general advice.

2. People with CD4 <200, detectable viral load or not on ART may be at higher risk of severe illness; follow general advice.

3. People with a CD4 count <50 or opportunistic illness in last 6 months; follow shielding advice for extremely vulnerable.
--- End quote ---




Thanks to @Loa111

COVID-19 Facts - Dr. & Professor Paddy Mallon

Thanks to @Marcanthony

For people in the UK who are worried; HIV Scotland has set up a helpline, that you can access all across the UK. The number is 0131 558 3713 open mon-fri 10am-6pm.

This thread has now been locked. If we see duplicate COVID-19 threads again or it becomes, overwhelming for some members, ill merge anything new back here and reopen this thread.

A separate COVID-19 Vaccine thread has been opened:

This thing seems to be spreading pretty fast.  There are now over 4500 cases reported, and likely many more that are unreported.  Given viral infection rates are exponential, in a month, there could be millions infected. 

I believe there were about 2500 cases reported three days ago, now 4515.  Using a power of 2, in another three days, the reported cases would rise to over 9000, and from there by a power of 2 every three days until it peaks.  Hopefully it will peak soon.

China is reporting 20% of reported cases are in critical condition.  I'm assuming that means they are hospitalized.  I hope the Trump administration is preparing for what could happen. 

There's a small trial ongoing to see if Kaletra can be used to treat the virus.

I'm experiencing a dry cough as I write this.

I just checked an online pharmacy and Kaletra is out of stock. 

I'm wondering if any of the other HIV drugs have any effect.  I would guess another protease inhibitor might.

So our meds work against other viral infections then. Just like I saw somewhere that aspirin acts as a mild antiviral (or it was something else idk).
It is amazing how good our meds today are. Hopefully they get over this virus quick.

Good preparations from the hospitals part is very important as well.
So far,in Greece (where I am from),we haven't had any cases,just some common cold/flu cases. Hopefully China and other places who have minor cases get this under control.
I also think the media is creating a lot of panic towards this topic and they don't try to inform people on how to better protect themselves when they go to a hospital.


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