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Hi all,

Just opened my second bottle of meds, and realised it's been a full month since my diagnosis.

My diagnosis came as a surprise. Didn't have any risky behaviour, and the doctor was profoundly puzzled as well on what event could have caused the infection. While the diagnosis costed me my job (Another one of those countries that rejects any foreigners with HIV) - i am profoundly grateful of where I am at now. Friends and family are very supportive and doesn't care of how/what/why I got it. They were more concerned on whether I could accept the news and live with it. On hindsight, if it's not because of the mandatory test ordered, I wouldn't have known since I didn't experience any symptoms at all.

Gonna be an interesting journey ahead. Keeping a positive attitude and let's see where my life leads me to.

Jim Allen:

Sorry to hear about the dignoisis. How is the treatment going and what are your labs looking like?

Best, Jim

It breaks my heart to see we are still facing job discrimination in so many countries because of our positive status.

Don't focus on how it happened and think about your long, bright future instead.

Hi dancingthroughlife,

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis and loss of your job. Same thing happened to me, I got diagnosed a couple of months ago and had to leave the UAE because of it. I had lived and worked for many years, so I fully understand the double whammy of shock you are going through and yes, It sucks!

I am slowly coming to terms with it all. Sounds like you are too, which is good news. Pleased to hear that you have supportive family and friends, that’s all that really matters. You will get another job and live a successful and happy life somewhere else (somewhere much, much nicer!)

Good luck and embrace the next chapter, I’m sure it will be a good one.

Guess we are a couple that were deported from the UAE… the worst experience ever for me as it cost me my work, my health (mental…) as a hurricane and now have to rebuild everything from scratch.

This said, Don’t worry, you will get over it (2 months for me now and already undetectable with Biktarvy after 6 weeks). Some days, I barely think about it. When I feel a bit down,  this forum is a blessing because it brings support :)

Focus on what you really want in your life and enjoy every day as this is my mantra now…

Take care


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