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HIV Medication for Foreigners


Hello, I'm from South East Asia. I have plan to visit Houston next month and live there 2 years for working. My HIV status is Positive and Undetected.

I've consumed the HIV Medication since 2016. I consumed Tenolam E (Tenofovir, Lamivudine, Efavirenz) prescribed from my doctor at HIV Clinic in my country.

Do you have any recommendation for me how to get the affordable HIV medication in Houston since I do not have any insurance cover from my employer.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi Disclaimer, I am curious to know as well as I have plans to study in the US in few years time. Hope someone in the forum is able to help answer.

Hope we can find the solution  :)

Jim Allen:

Just wanted to post a quick note to say, welcome to the forum.

I'm not in the US so I don't have an answer for you, although, maybe the links below will help.

5 Tips for Traveling to the U.S. With Medications

USA - buying prescription drugs from Canada. Is this legal?

Someone might chime in with better answers.



This may not be specific to US, but you could definitely purchase the meds from online pharmacy. There are prominent ones like Green Cross and Dynamix, which pretty much acts as importer on your behalf from India/other pharmacy they worked with. There're also private clinics like Pulse from Bangkok that can send you the meds anywhere around the world.

I've tried Green Cross and it's pretty decently priced compared to the official list price where I'm at now (about 90% savings). Note that you still need a valid prescription.

You would need to figure out the cost & lab for doctor consults. which may be costly still. At least the lab and doctor consults fee would be something less frequent - so you just need to set aside some earnings every month to cover that. 

Have fun at the States!


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