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48 million viral load during acute hiv with fever and moderate flu like illness

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Hellloooo guys ... How are you???
I'm here , anyways was about to send wishes later tonight for happy new year, but now a friend from our community, had disappeared, I sent him now and told me he has bad health issues.. Wasn't related to our situation BUT AS I TOOK perfect support from here , I needed to hear info from similar cases to transfer him what I learnt from here....

Especially he has FALL OF END EDGE of his left foot... it's totally paralysed... Fuck

Any idea someone? Is because of disease?
Also I have some acid acute pains sometimes on spinal cord on my back inside the skeleton...

Don't know what is ...

My wishes to all of you....
And he is searching what is and how to treat

He now told me ha had magnetic icon and has 3 big bulbs in his spinal cord... Dont know what is...

Jim Allen:

Sorry to hear that your psychologist fell and hurt themselves and they are in poor heath. Not sure why you think it's HIV related but regardless it's something they need to sort out with their MD and not reflective of your health.

Perhaps time to find another psychologist for your own mental health care.

--- Quote ---magnetic icon
--- End quote ---

I have a few on my fridge holding up paperwork

--- Quote ---I have some acid acute pains sometimes on spinal cord on my back inside the skeleton...
--- End quote ---

See your medical healthcare provider. Could be nothing.

Donít think spinal pain is related to poz. I change my mattress & now I have less pain. Very often it is related to sleeping conditions when back hurts.

Guys hello there...
I'm really mad about me.
I have made a mistake.
Or maybe it was misunderstood here.
I didn't connect because I don't have the knowledge and I just asked if there any ideas so I could help and be helped with info from your experience.
I need to edit a comment ANd cannot find where is it !!! Also if I have said anything offensive or against pers data please show me, I'm ready to pay the consequences
Wish you all happiness for new year...


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