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48 million viral load during acute hiv with fever and moderate flu like illness

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         ojo.             Hi all!

I really think that our OP friends needs to look for some profesional help so he can start coping with the dx, I’m not trying to be mean but, it hurts me to read everything he is posting and I think we are not helping him…just a thought…OP, best of luck to you, look for help and find something and someone to give your life something to do.

Jim thank you so much 😊 really 😊 I'm sorry that I disturb you all the time..🤗 I am fearing of these things to not happen to me because there is the stigma yet when everyone will learn about my illness...

Leatherman I am grateful bro you for your help.. believe me guys , you believe it or not you do help me all this... Even by talking to me is help.. only with you I feel more safe...
Yesterday I was thinking how more badly I would feel if I didn't have you all from beginning... I was almost ready to suicide or not really but so badly feeling, that after reading your replies , that most studies are 20-30 yearsl old...etc bla bla bla.. that my doctor didn't tell me... I am really feeling well...
Especially after my 1st month test with undetectable in 30 days from 48 millions and a jump from 160 to 280 , I really felt well mentally that I started again bad lifestyle... Sleeping late, eating pizzas , chocolates , ice creams , burgers at least day after day if not every day....
It's logical I think that this doesn't help as much as sleeping at ten and eating veggies and fruits and lean meat protein without fats.

Now my target is to start exercising because I didn't do yet.
I will walk every afternoon ☀️🌷...
And already started again sleeping earlier..not ten but midnight at least.

So guys don't think you don't help me. It's help , but I want you to understand it's early for me and until I feel safe from reaching something about more than 350 cd , I am panicked when I read about 35folds higher risk for KS.

Virgo were you really diagnosed with KS , that's why you suspect hiv? Oh my friend , you have really big balls , I would be more scared of KS than hiv. I would have heart attack.
Does a very low cd4 count as your 4 played a role to have this?

Guys last question.. even with ART , and a cd4 count more than 350 , we still have risks for Lymphomas ??
Because as Leatherman told it's really hard to die from this when they didn't have HAART. But even despite the use of HAART we are still susceptible to lymphomas?

I remember hematologist in July telling me that they don't see yet lymphomas last year's with the new drugs... Is it true from your experience???

Leatherman , again.. I am thankful to you.. I will follow your suggestions. I will not read again for 3 months.
But for cancer to not read again for 3 years , I am not sure...
For 3 months I can promise.


THANK YOU 💗 🤗☀️☀️☀️

Jim Allen:

--- Quote ---Guys last question.. even with ART , and a cd4 count more than 350 , we still have risks for Lymphomas ??
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---But even despite the use of HAART we are still susceptible to lymphomas?
--- End quote ---

You are doing it again, asking questions asked repeatedly before when you already know the answer.


I highly recommend this book, OP.

Good luck!

I will really buy it and read it on Kindle..

Thank you 😊 🤗
Maybe it will help me..a bit..
Good afternoon all...


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