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Hi i am from Turkey and random selected for green card.I am hiv positive and i use triumeq i have worries if i come to usa how to get medicine.Have you got support for immigrant ? Can i get support for medicine or how to get medicine i dont know anything please help me i need information.

What State are you going to be moving to?

This matters as different states have different ADAP programs.  Where I live is very liberal.  The ADAP program covers HIV meds and some related treatment meds free for anyone here.   You will  be on a visa (that might be important in some states), and here in California you could earn up to about $66,000 and qualify for ADAP.  Some states like Texas are very low and if you make over $25000 you wouldnt qualify.

But in situations like that most meds are available in Patient assistant programs from the manufacturer to the meds. 

If you state the location you will move to, we can point you to an Aids Service Organization that you could contact.


Above is the site to look at drug company rules for patient program which provides free meds (if you qualify).

They will want you to contact the ADAP site for your state first.

So basically, dont worry about it,   if you get here; you will somehow get meds.

Will  you have a job with insurance, if so there are assistant programs that help with copays etc.

A case coordinator will help  you set it all up. 


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