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Can HIV positive man become a father ?


Any idea ? Dr google is only focus on women and delivery on this baby topic , couldn’t find much related to a Man with HIV. Without sperm washing method , Can a man with UD status conceive a baby by natural intercourse ? ???  ( women is on Prep )

Jim Allen:
Plenty of members here are parents and conceived through intercourse.

Ont think dperm washing has been a thing in the last 20 years.

An undetectable viral load is all you need.

Thanks ,  all set , only a partner is the lack of …. HIV = Satan in some countries, even scared to mention three letters ….  :-X


          ojo            hello there....i friend of mine (+) and his wife (-), had a baby the natural way two years ago, now, two years old "LITTLE TONNY2" as i call him, is a healthy baby jim said, there are some members whom have shared with us the great news of becoming parents with healthy negative, good luck and consult with your doc before canchis canchis, just to make sure....hugs


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