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Cholesterol & Heart Risk Percentage


Had my ID doc appointment yesterday. Everything went well and the ID doc mentioned my Cholesterol level in passing. I never was told nor asked about Cholesterol before, so this was interesting to me. 

My cholesterol level is 5.8 and doc said once it stays under 6 then that is fine. I was wondering after is it the actual HIV or the medication or both which cause higher cholesterol?  (Was searching this forum but didn't find a specific on this).

I was surprised as I expected my Cholesterol reading to be lower since I don't smoke, don't drink, I exercise regularly & usually eat clean most of the time. General health websites say 5.8 is high. So wondering about this?

Also ID Doc mentioned my cardiac risk percentage which I think was 1.6% he said this number is fine, and since I turn 50 later this year, it will be important for them to keep an eye on my heart going forward due to the effect HIV can have on it.
He did advise me to keep exercising.  Again this is a new figure for me which i was not aware of before. Delighted to know they are very thorough :)

Doc also mentioned weight again, and said it is expected over time with the treatment I am on Tivicay & Descoy, and he mentioned a few extra kilos is a better option than potentially weaker bones caused by older treatments.

Aside from this, it is 3 years to the month I ended up in hospital with PCP & found out I was poz. Happy Birthday lol.


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