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Little complicated with my mom....but me and her talk everyday and still hang out like we use to before we found out....told her I still had feeling for her regardless the situation (can't just stop having feeling for someone) college at the moment so me and her left things at best friends (still tight asf) but like I said earlier nothing really her a lot and I'm trying to educate my self on this subject so we can be safe...and if I feel like she is the one would like to have a healthy baby with her down the line.

Jim Allen:
Glad to hear that you remained friends and, I think its great you let her know your feelings have remained unchanged.  :) You know her HIV status is not a barrier to a long healthy normal life or a safe relationship with treatment.

--- Quote ---Little complicated with my mom...
--- End quote ---

Educate her over time about it. Small installments of knowledge ;)
On that note I do want to point out that, if your future posts are about your original exposure & testing etc than keep them within your thread in the "Am I infected" section.

However as this is about your friend I've moved the post to someone I care about selection. Here you are free to ask any questions you might have regarding the relationship, your friend, HIV in general, living with HIV and/or caring for your friend etc etc

Best, Jim

Yep i know, she is a diabetic type 1 as well so I've been worrying for her for the longest time I swear....I'm going to her appointment on the 25th to support her

Jim Allen:
The news of a HIV diagnosis and the first few months afterwards can be a lot for a person to digest, so I am really glad to hear you are being supportive by offering to go with her to the appointment.  :)

Best, Jim


Would her being a type 1 diabetic affect how the meds react to her....her blood sugar been high a lot lately and I saw that HIV does make blood levels spike....what is your thoughts on this?


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