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Bone density ?



             ojo.          Hi all…I just got the news, after having a bone density test, that I need to see a specialist. Anyone with same condition?, is there a treatment to improve my situation?…I will appreciate your feedbacks…hugs

Tonny, I have osteopenia a little, but I think (personally) that has more to do with non-HIV things and bad genes from my folks.

My PCP is going to look again in a couple of years (it's been about six months since I got that diagnosis)... To see if things get any worse.

You may need a supplement.


             ojo.            Hi and thanks for replying…I will see the bone specialist on August 12. I heard that tenofovir (vieras) causes bone density issues but, I didn’t take it for that long because I got acidosis (lactic acid), so, we will figure out why I’m having this problem, although, I’ve been taking meds (hiv) for 28 years and I lived with aids for five years after my aids dx, which means I was already living with aids, according the my doctor, maybe two years before my dx…I will keep you posted…again thx for replying…hugs


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