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Happy Long Term Survivors Day! :D :D

Living this long with HIV really is something worth celebrating.  :D
So how long has it been for you?  ???


          ojo.          Hi leatherman, I didn’t know we were celebrated…well, for me, it’s been 28 years since my dx but, since my infection, blood transfusion, richter years earlier, mmm, 28+8=36 if my “biology” is correct , hehehe. Yes, thx me it’s been worth it to live all this “overtime” even with with my neuropathy pain, my blindness, etc, etc. My nice told me a while ago “uncle, you can’t die at least until I get married”, OMG!!, you got married last week, am I in trouble?, hehehe oh I hope no, now she says that I can’t die until she has a baby, I hope she and her husband don’t get to busy “making my” babies…anyway, congratulations to all of us long time survivors…hugs

Bloody hell,  Who chose the acronym with "SAD" in it?

This bitter old queen has notched up a few funerals of evil, vile types.  let me dance on a grave or two!

  Happy Survivors day folks

Felice dia del luchadores


   Howdy   Harleymc ,

                               I'm with you ... no SAD ..

  I'll have to mark my calendar for next year .

 maybe have a TACO ..   :)

                                                  Be well ,



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