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Hi there, haven't been on here for a very long time!  I was wondering how many have tried cabenuva and if they are having good experiences with it.  I'm looking at switching to it mostly because it's administered via an injection and I'm hoping Medicare Part B covers it well.  Also wondering if anyone has experience with that.  I'm planning ahead for retirement and would like to switch meds before then so that I'm ready when on Medicare.  So really I have to see if my current employer insurance covers it decently as well and Medicare. 

Really curious how many have switch to it and how well they like it.  I'm currently on triumeq with no issues and like the 1 pill a day.  The only reason for changing is Medicare coverage for HIV meds is really bad.  Not sure what everyone else is doing when retiring and still able to get their meds.

in the same boat as you,, so actively watching this thread.

have you spoke with you pharmacist about your concerns about accessing meds under medicare?

are there any RX drug cards available to you you dont know about?

do you knwo about the RYAN white act??? theres lots of govt. subsidies out there for PLWHIV.

good luck.


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