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Moving back to California with no job and no insurance


Hello everyone,

Please help me with any information possible?

Iím currently living overseas and need to move back to California this fall.I habve been stressed out thinking about where I will be able to find my hiv medication. Any suggestions?

 I wonít have a job and will be taking care of my parents as the are old.
They live in a nice part of town so am also worried with their address I might not be able to get free or very low cost medicine. Does anyone know of where you can get medicine in Tijuana Mexico and just do border runs?

I have been looking at the prices of hiv medicine and wonder how anyone without insurance can be able to get the medications without hassling as Iím uninsured with no savings and havenít lived in the area for 25 plus years now and am 58 years old.

Can anyone help with suggestions as Iím very concerned.


check with the county and/or state health departments for a local HIV provider who works with the Ryan White Program. This program that helps provide HIV care and medications to people living with HIV

Dont worry, when you get here contact the Ryan WHite Aids Service organization for your area.  Sign up for ADAP and they will help you get meds and any other social services that you may need. 

Set everything up as you living as a separate household from your parents.  The level of income for help is around $64000 for one person for ADAP meds.  Lower for some of the other programs.

There is a program that pays for health insurance premiums.

Again the contact point is a caseworker with and aids service organization and the California Department of Public Health.

OF note the meds are free after all the insurance and copays etc.   Just show asap when you get back. 

Getting the meds in Mexico is not really an option as they have dedicated clinics that operate under the Mexican Social Security System for hiv meds.  Pharmacies don't have the meds in stock.


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