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any insurance program recommended for self-employed

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Hello all

I quit my engineer job and become a self employed and need to take care of insurance by myself now.

any insurance program recommended? how they cover the HIV medication? I am taking Genvoya now. Hopefuly as least out of pocket as possbile

Thank you very much

You don't say what country your located in - That makes a big difference...

If United States check out the Affordable Care Act website - Right now is open enrollment... For med coverage look at a silver plan and also look at Gilead's Copay Card for Genvoya to cover Copay deductible that the insurance doesn't cover...

I have a Silver plan with a $5,800 out of pocket maximum and use Gileads Copay Card which covers up to $6,000 so I pay nothing for meds and schedule all my doctors visits later in the year after my out of pocket max reached so I pay nothing for tests, visits and such...

Hello BKKKevin

Thank you very much for your detailed response. Yes I am in the US.
I am not qualified for low income insurance.
as for Gilead copay card for genvoya, are you talking about The Gilead Advancing Access®
Co-pay Program?

I enrolled for The Gilead Advancing Access® Co-pay Program, but I didnt see anywhere  it mentioned the $6,000

btw, when the co-pay card should be mentioned? call the insurance company to add co-pay card, right?


The ACA Insurance is not low income insurance... It is open to all... The system sets competitive price option for you in your particular state... Its an excellent shopping tool... If your income is high the only difference is you will not get a government subsidy for your premiums....

Gileads annual copay amount varies by drug... Review this POZ link for more information and use the Googler to research your specific drugs potential copay...


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