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Im getting a health insurance for the first time and Im kinda lost how an wich ones are the best options for me... I have an appointment with a insurace navegator the next week but any other recommendations are allways valued.

Is there any free tool to compare the different plans or companies... Im looking specifically an insurance that covers Dovato or at least give me a affordable copay.


There are so many different insurances out there: employer based or Obamacare site.  The site will compare the ones available to you through them.  Be sure to check your doctor, pharmacy, and medications are covered.

A tip is to get the Viiv Copay card if you have private insurance.  They will cover up to $6250 of your out of pocket expenses for Dovato.  Then get an insurance that will match that amount for the out-of-pocket or at least the deductible portion of the insurance.  I get a cheaper HSA policy with a $6000 deductible.  I've been on Triumeq and now Dovato for the last 6 years and the Viiv Copay card has covered all my deductible every year.  I schedule my Rx for the 1st week of Jan and 1st week of Feb so after that my deductible is met and I'm good for the rest of the year - only have to pay the copay for other medical and no copay for the Dovato each month thanks to the copay card.  It's in the pharmacy's system and they handle the transaction directly.

You should be able to check formularies to confirm your meds are available. Iíve done the same thing as farm boy for quite sometime but ran into issues once because I had to use mail order and then did not count copay assist towards my cost sharing obligations. It required a work around of submitting the receipts to the copay assist and getting reimbursed directly. It was annoying and not feasible for everyone to do that. You might want to think about your expected expenses for the year and see how each would get paid.


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