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some of my HIV story


good things and bad things

found out about my HIV about thirty year ago

enlisted service joined in 82 even got deployed over seas got an honorable discharge in 88. military gave me a physical and so did the VA  if I had anything they would have found it ?   SO I thought but wanted to be checked out just the same had a test for whatever the tested for ?  and HIV was found
used the GI bill to go to College . after getting the results  why did I work so hard at college knowing I might dye soon from the virus.

even got a job in he defense department. after about six months there my mother contacted me . she got a job managing a time share resort in the Caribbean and invited me to visit her. so went not like an opportunity like that would come around very often . got back and was fired from my job for taking time off ?    O well I was going to die soon  from AIDS why should I care . it was the nineties.  The death toll from HIV was high . got sick with AIDS in the mid nineties  New meds a wife and two kids later I am still alive but I feel very old and worn out from life just because I am old  at 56  . it is not the year it is the mileage and living with HIV is a lot of mileage.

that is me thank you for hearing me out   

that's my story some what     good and bad . a lot of stuff can happen in almost forty years .


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