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Things are going well


Itís been a few months at my new job. Iím doing okay. My husband is working again. He was previously on furlough, (hopefully I spelled that correctly).
Now that weíre both working we have paid off some bills. So we both arenít as stressed.
I just feel like I want to mention that I feel uncomfortable at work. I overheard gossip while eating my lunch in the break room. The two coworkers saw me and didnít care that I could hear them. Then an arrogant coworker told another coworker that I am a mess. Iím not really sure if they were speaking about me. But they were looking my way.
The truth is I am nervous. I was safe at home and now I work at a register where strangers try to banter with me. I am not sure what to say to these people.
Plus my Mom has been sick and gets a blood transfer this week.
I stress about losing my Mom.
When I became positive my Mom took me to my appointments. She taught me how to navigate through the paperwork, Medicaid, and reorder medications.
I also hide myself from people. I literally am so unsure of myself.
The only thing I can say at this point is I am happy that we cleared some stuff from our home creating more space, I bring in a paycheck, my husband is back to work, my daughter is taking her health seriously, and I have a wonderful cat who greets me at the door when I get home.
Just need to mention that I do not talk to anyone at my work on a level of repeating what I heard. So most of the time I just smile, say hi and leave it at that.
Being home used to bore me. Now I look forward to it after work.

Hope you continue to adjust to work and can become more comfortable with it. Sounds like life is getting better but still challenging and hope your mom is on the mend.


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