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I gained a lot of weight on Genvoya which I lost it later on with diet and exercise only. My body composition improved from 27% bf to 12% in 4 months solely with exercise and diet.

CanadianExpat1983: claims:

HIV-associated wasting affects many different people, including1,2,8,14:

People infected with HIV who have undetectable viral loads and normal CD4 counts

Is this even true or extremely uncommon?

Do they mean someone who had low CD4 counts for extended periods of time but eventually managed to bring their CD4 up to normal levels and their VL=U after a long period of non-suppressed VL? (i.e. wasting occurred prior to effective treatment taking place)

Jim Allen:
Wasting was common before effective treatment, less so today. Also not everyone with pre-HIV treatment wasting bounces back, all in all does wasting still happen for some people sure, but it than important for people to work with their Doc to understand & treat any causes like, other infections, not taking ART, gut problems etc etc etc



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