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Another Benefit of Aging: Plump Cheeks :)


After experiencing facial wasting for years and getting injections such as Radiesse and Sculptra, I find after nearly 4 years since my last injection, my face is still filled out and plump where I guess aging has taken over the job as Plumper.

Given my natural facial features were slim and contoured with high cheekbones and I was always thin framed, I welcome the change and now reduced appearance anxiety.

Becoming a Freshman Senior continues to display its advantages.

Best To Everyone,


:) ;) :D

Hello OT!  Glad to hear about your satisfaction with your plump cheeks.  I know how the facial wasting makes you feel about yourself.  I have not had the good fortune to experience the same thing as you. 

 I have been on meds for 28 years, and I have experienced loss of my cheeks.  As you can imagine, I have been so self conscious about it that I grew a beard just to cover it up.

Do you mind sharing your experience with the facial fillers with me?  Cost, what kind, affects, recuperation time.  I would really like to take the step, but the only thing I know about it is what I read online.  Anything helpful you can add.

Thanks in advance, and I hope things are going well for you!

Is this still a problem with modern HIV Treatment for people who are starting out ?

No it is not, it was caused by the early meds that were very harsh and those are rarely used anymore.

And since I'm here my face has filled back in also  :)

I had severe facial wasting back in 2000 and numerous rounds of facial fillers.


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