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Question for Long Term Non Progressors and Elite Controllors

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thanks also, ann and paul.

i think maybe it is time for me to go to the science library !! 




--- Quote from: Ann on May 18, 2007, 08:29:35 am ---I don't quite qualify as a LTNP because my viral load is always detectable and has been as high as in the 90,000s, but as low as 7,000 something. My doctor calls me a long-term SLOW progressor, not non-progressor.
--- End quote ---

Doesn't the hair-splitting medically-based BS make you want to scream sometimes?  I'm an LTNP based on my labs off meds and my having a B44+ HLA allele, but I'm not an "elite controller," just a "viremic controller," since I keep a viral load in the hundreds.  It's almost as maddening as the "poz but healthy" crap one reads in online profiles.



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