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Med-related xerostomia (dental issue for aging poz people)



Hi everyone. Just sharing in the LTS forum

Thanks Alex,

Yes, it is true that not only tooth problems are in our futures, but also bone density problems.  Only thing is, mineral based suppliments can really play havoc with the uptake of PIs.  I had to quit calcium suppliments due to loss of effectiveness from Kaletra.

This is also one of the reasons that any states that are now receiving funding, must include dental coverage, and it has been that way for two years now.  FINALLY!!!

Thanks so much for the link, I will copy it to file.


Thanks Alex,

Once again, I am thankful, that I have excellant dental coverage through my insurance at work. For 55 years of age, my teeth are in pretty good shape. Never had any significant problems, or bleeding gums.

But then I have always maintained good dental care, ever since I can remember. A lot of serious health problems can be prevented with good oral care.



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