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Where do we find the Strength......?

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with all that tragedy around you, i understand how difficult it must be to maintain a positive mental attitude.  :o   but doing so is a must!

there are two things i highly recommend you endeavor to acccomplish.

first, find yourself, through your aids service provider, a good mental health social worker or professional therapist. someone who can teach you the art of doing cleansing meditations.

when i was at my deepest sense of depression over loss of my partner, then my dad, and trying to deal with this virus for the first time on my own, it wasn't until someone guided me through a cleansing meditation, that i finally felt whole again.

over the course of the years after that happened, i began reading alot of self help books, with the overall theme, dealing with grief and loss. then someone turned me on to a book called the celestine prophesy.

i have read this book 3 times, and each time i have read it i have found myself more open to the possibilities of the universe around me, and have come to gain a better understanding of what my role is in it.

currently, there is interest in a new book/dvd called "the secret" with similar principles to the celestine prophesy. in either case, you will be enlightened and enriched from their teachings.

hope these suggestions help. we are all here for you.


Thanks Kelly!  I have that book.  I do have an excellent therapist, which I've had since 1991.  He's a really "cool dude" who has been with me through thick and thing.  He and his wife are my granddaughter's god parents also.  His wife is in the local theatre and a couple weeks ago he took me to see a play she was in.  I have a lot of support also through AA/NA.  Sometimes I just need to vent I guess.  There's a saying that I have hanging on my bathroom mirror:  "All human wisdom is summed up in two words-WAIT and HOPE."   ;)

great saying betty,

see if your therapist can make you a guided cleansing meditation tape that you can listen to in the comfort of your bed or couch. i find that if i need it, a 20 minute meditation can put a brighter perspective on the rest of my day.

good talkin to you.


Hi:  I get my strength from just being alive.   I have been positive seens 96 and started meds one year ago.   Three years ago I had a heart attack and was down and out for 3 months.  It made me realize that everyday is precious and I try and live it like its my last.  Even the mudane things that I tend to gripe about.  All I do is remind myself that I can still do them and for that I am thankful.  Old motto "one day at a time"  gets me through. ;D


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