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Tibotec is soon to start clinical trials of a new medication for lipoatrophy- primarily directed at visceral fat deposition.  It is a medication that is supposed to stimulate your production of human growth hormone, without all the negative side effects of HGH supplements.  I don't know the name of the study just yet.  I only found out about it recently. 

I don't know if there will be an investigational site anywhere near you, but it might be worth keeping an eye out for it.  I'll let you know when I find out more.



I think I agree with Tim, hang on if you can for just a bit, and let's see what comes along.   I am on the same combo as Joe, Viramune and Truvada.   It is working well for me, but I firmly believe Truvada is the culprit in much of my gastro-related issues.

Wouldn't it be great to just take a combo that had NO side effects???   My main heart medication, Coreg, is a wonderful drug that makes my heart pump better and more efficiently, and I can't tell that it has any side effects.   If only I could be so lucky with HIV meds.....


Miss Philicia:
Well, even though I hold hope with these new meds coming out you still can't predict what you'll find in terms of lipo with them in five years.

As far as Truvado and gastro, I'm on it and Pancrecarb tames the flatulence. 

Otherwise as I've stated before, fuzeon and prezista as a combo seem to have no side effects, but most of you don't want to approach an injectable for that trade off.  Understandable, and I'd be lying if I said that I'm not considering switching to one of these new meds coming out at some point.  I just don't think I will immediately if I do not need to, preferring to wait another year and see what others say about side effects.  I'll let others be the guinea pigs for now.

Hi Mark,

I think you've already done your homework as far as options with currently available meds go.  I seem to recall that you did not do well with Norvir boosting in the past.  If that's the case, then unboosted Reyataz (400 mg/day) might be an option if you do not want to go the NNRTI route.  You could still combine this with the Combivir, or you could switch the NRTIs to Epzicom (abacavir/3TC).  Unfortunately, if you cannot do Norvir boosting with Reyataz, you cannot combine this with Truvada, so that narrows the option somewhat.

If you've never had any problems with resistance, then thinking of a switch now to curtail further side effects is a reasonable option.  The newer drugs closer to the finish line would still be there in case you need to go this route down the road.



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