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Just wanted to reinforce what Sirprize said about keeping your  records....I personally fought with the  Hospital/insurance company for nearly a year..they applied a payment I sent to an account that had nothing due on it.....then after about six months started sending me Past due notices......I had checks showing payment but they insisted I had to pay open all the way to a collection agency...which I refused to deal with....then during all this on going stuff they sent me a REFUND of the payment  they misapplied to the account with zero balance... I saved all documents sent a really detailed letter to the state insurance commission and a registered letter to the President of the Hospital...eventually got a letter of apology and they just wrote off the "payment due" ... took nearly a year  but I was not about to pay twice for their mistake..... they didn't even want their refund check back....KEEP YOUR RECORDS...THESE PEOPLE ARE SLOPPY AND WILL TRY TO BULLY YOU...  do not accept a "corrected account"  only accept a written explanation of the situation signed by the highest person in the food chain... 

What Nick said.

I keep my records for seven years, even though they have been paid off. I do this with everything, including medical bills.

It has saved my paying double payments and having services cancelled.



Just to follow up on this,

There was an error made !! My copay should have been only $50.00, for all bloodwork. I have no deductable. I got in contact with Quest diagnostics,( after several calls today) they informed me that they received payment from Aetna and told me a rufund would be in the mail !



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