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I stood up to ignorant people

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--- Quote from: J.R.E. on April 14, 2021, 06:13:55 pm ---I have experienced the same. (I have posted before on these forums about this crazy incident)  When I tested positive at the Pinellas County Health Dept, on Myrtle Avenue in Clearwater, fl ,  In October of 1985, the entire experience was quite bizarre.

I walked through the main entrance, took a number and sat with probably 50 plus other people that were in the large waiting area. Some were there like myself, waiting for their test results, mothers were there with their kids, to get vaccinations, or to possibly get some basic antibiotics for themselves or there children.

My number gets called and I go into a room ..  Two people walk in, in full garb and PPE, to tell me I was HIV positive. Their bedside manner to say the least, was about as crude as it gets. But I kept my composure, ... what got to me,  was after the nurse handed me my positive Diagnosis, she escorted me through the building, through hallways, almost like a maze,.. to a door I had no idea where it went. Along the wall and next to the door were mops and buckets. I'm think, what the hell.  ???

She opened the door, you can leave now,  >:(    and the door slammed shut behind me. It was an emergency exit door !! I guess she didn't want me, to pass all those people sitting in the main Lobby. If I was having a nervous breakdown because of the results, and hysterical, I might be able understand. But I was fine, I had 3 months to prepare for that result, and I already was 100% sure I was HIV positive.

I found myself in the rear of the building, in the parking lot. All I remember saying was , " What the Fuck "

Anyway, I found my car, and drove to my favorite bar and had a couple shots.

About 10 years later, in 1995,  I went to the Health Dept in St. Petersburg, ( 15 miles south), to also collect results for an HIV test. The experience was total opposite and respectful of what I experienced in Clearwater. The reason I went to St. petersburg, was to not experience what i had seen in Clearwater

In all fairness, the one nurse said if you need counseling call this number. Handed me a piece of paper. That was the last time I was in that particular County health Dept.

Definitely crazy times...


--- End quote ---

My experience was tough in 1998. I lost a lot of friends and the fun I used to have. But I had my family there to help me.


  Times have changed.  I can only imagine how heated this discussion would have gotten back in 2006.


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