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Any of the old school members still lurking?

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   I don't want to name any names, that way it doesn't seem like I am favoring anyone.  But, are there any old timers still lurking around like I am?  I'll be honest, I miss a lot of the friendships I witnessed on here.   I never really added anything of substance about.... well anything.  However, I sure enjoyed watching everyone else.

  Some of my fondest memories after diagnosis has occurred with people I no longer know about. 

  Like the time I got Baker Acted... or, the night my left testicle grew to the size of a grapefruit.  The birth of my youngest, who is now going into the fourth grade. 

  I think about you all often, even the ones I didn't always get along with.  I admired all of you, and still do.


Hi Thomas, I'm still here!  It's good to see you, how's everything going?


I remember when you were SadTom, eleven or so years ago I reckon.  The forums were a different place back then - wilder, naughtier, less delicate, and far less balkanized than what we have today, which led to a lot more interaction amongst the members. I too wonder what has become of many of them.  Some, I know, have died, or are in the process of doing so.  Others have removed themselves - or have been removed - and some seem to have simply drifted away - I suppose they took what they needed and moved on.

Time only moves forward.  I'm still around.  Reading, rarely posting, and occasionally reminiscing about the way things used to be.  I miss those times (but not my newby neuroses), and have fond memories of the people who helped me so much back when I was in great need.


Hi Thomas
I am still around and I'm glad you are too

Hello Thomas,

And slowly coming through recent challenges.

Take care,



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