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48 million viral load during acute hiv with fever and moderate flu like illness

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--- Quote from: gpapadop91 on October 28, 2021, 05:12:56 pm ---Helloo there...good evening...

It's talking about starting the trial of Crispr technology..

I read sth like this in several forums however didn't see yet an article Talking about the day of starting the trial..

Does anyone know something??

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          ojo.            Hello there!…I wonder how much time you are wasting in searching for something that eventuality, if it were to happen, finding the cure, your doctor will be the first one in telling you, so, please stay away from the web and continue with your life before your dx…we are here to support you but, we also are here to let you know that what you have been doing it’s causing you stress which it’s not good for you, and, to tell you the truth, asking always the same, may make some of our member bored and they might ignore you. Don’t get me wrong, I’m trying to help you, I used to do the same and I couldn’t recuperate the time I wasted searching for information, but, when I was wasting time searching for information it was to know if I had a chance to keep living, when I got my dx, we made plans for our funerals, which isn’t your case, you can keep making plans for the future…take advantage of this second chance to LIVE…good luck

I don't get you wrong... instead thanks because I understand why and how you tell me this...
Nice to hear..
Maybe it's a try to have more contact with you , my brothers, because I feel loneliness in all this.... Only my wife a bit understands me.... But no-one can like you...

Thanks and please don't get me wrong too...
Kisses good night

Hello there... How are you???

Is everything fine?? Tomorrow I'm going to take my results...

I will get you posted .. 💪💪

I have a question seeking an answer from people who take or tried isentress (raltegravir).
Today my best friends grandmother found to have elevated liver enzymes transaminases. And they think about cancer.
They will see...and they think it maybe from 10-15 years of antibiotics... Because she was taking antibiotics for some reason I didn't understand...
What I know for raltegravir is that it's metabolised by liver , not kidneys as Descovys tenofovir and emtricitabine.

So how can I be sure or just hopeful that my liver will live for 20 or 30 years??

So my general question is (because I know about your answers that we cannot know future and you have right) if there is already known after 15 years of isentress existence if it is generally safe or safer compared to antibiotics for example???

Thank you , good night and sweet dreams guys..


--- Quote from: Jim Allen on October 28, 2021, 05:34:22 pm ---There are threads on EBT-101 and CRISPR.

Nothing new to report though

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Hi Jim...hope you are doing well.. 🙏
I could not read all... But understood something like as backfalls from this technology , like , although viral genome was cut to many pieces it could reform and reactivate...

Somewhere within the article , I think where is the start of the analysis (abstract) it says ALTHOUGH HAART CAN ELIMINATE REPLICATION AND CONTROL HIV HOWEVER HIV CAN REACTIVATE SOME TIME.. 
My question here is ; even under HAART?


--- Quote from: gpapadop91 on November 09, 2021, 07:10:13 pm ---Somewhere within the article , I think where is the start of the analysis (abstract) it says ALTHOUGH HAART CAN ELIMINATE REPLICATION AND CONTROL HIV HOWEVER HIV CAN REACTIVATE SOME TIME.. 
My question here is ; even under HAART?

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yes. ARVs are not able to totally destroy all HIV (which would be a medical cure). this remaining virus goes latent/dormant and rests within "reservoirs". Occasionally some of this HIV may wake up and begin replicating again. Because the med level stays high enough when a patient stays on daily meds, the virus quickly gets blocked again and so no harm happens to the patient. Sometimes when you have blood work done exactly as this dormant virus reactivates, your results could show a some blip in viral load.

ARVs are not a cure; but they are medication that control HIV almost completely if a patient remains adherent to this daily medication.

The gist of it all is take you daily medications, quit worrying, and go on with your life  ;)


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