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48 million viral load during acute hiv with fever and moderate flu like illness

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I only want them to help me with true prognosis based on new studies , the new art meds I take , my data ...

Not with mental health...

Jim... I think I found what I needed...

In the same article later on....

Talking about cd4 counts. All is said below...

--- Quote ---Your test results help your doctor know how much damage has been done to your immune system and what's likely to happen next if antiretroviral treatment  (ART) is not initiated.

--- End quote ---


Then .. here....

--- Quote ---A viral load that can't be detected -- less than 20 copies -- is always the goal of HIV treatment. This doesn't mean you're cured. Unfortunately, the virus is still able to survive in various cells in the body.  But maintaining an undetectable viral load is compatible with a normal, or near-normal life span.  Continuing to take your medicine as prescribed to keep the virus undetectable is very important..

--- End quote ---

Finally my tests on this hospital have reference limit the 20 not the 40,50 or 100.

Makes sense I had less than 20??

So my last to worry about is my cd4.
Because I read on multiple articles , and I think you told me too... The most important is the cd4 ability to rise again on suppressive virus....

If I still have 200-300 ... I should stop hoping for long lifespan...
Let's see...

Jim Allen:
Glad you have the answer, we provided all of this already within the first few pages of this thread.

Anyhow, I still would encourage you to speak to a psychotherapist. You could find it very helpful and gain some perspective & coping skills.

--- Quote ---The most important is the cd4 ability to rise again on suppressive virus....
--- End quote ---

Not really, again context. Anyhow, in short, CD4 count is not a measurement of health and as your count is above 200 (14%) and your VL is suppressed, it's rather irrelevant going forward.

This was also discussed in the first few pages of this thread so ill just reference that.

Jim Allen:

--- Quote from: gpapadop91 on October 26, 2021, 05:14:24 am ---Finally my tests on this hospital have reference limit the 20 not the 40,50 or 100.

Makes sense I had less than 20??

--- End quote ---

Yup, most modern labs will have a threshold of 50 or 20 nowadays.

Again here..
Good evening how are all you?

I had before contracting the virus some two small lymphs touchable in my left side of neck...and one small but bit bigger than each on the left...

Now they are a 10% bigger , all three, touchable , not seen and not as big as they were during my acute phase in May.

Should I think it will become a lymphoma sometime ?
Because even before , it was always there...last ten or 12 years..

Forgot to inform you that during seroconversion I had some pain when moving my eyes totally left or right to the end and not see well from there .. maybe it was associated with the latent CMV that I had before contracting this.

Guys  ,see you and good night.
🙏🙏🙏🙏 God bless you all.

I have to tell you that without you all here I wouldn't be so well... Maybe you hear me not well but it's only six months having this with scary numbers ... So I need time.
But you cannot imagine how much you offered to me.

Before I take my 1st months results , I cannot explain how I kept myself from suicide , I was totally panicked and couldn't believe that my viral load could ever fall undetectable.

Jim , Matt, Mike , Leatherman grasshopper all of you sorry if I forgot someone , you saved me.

After experience, my lesson is this knowledge I mean.
I lost my life wondering and worrying so much the first month, finally.

Guys , I thought a question now..
All these stories from your that give us a hope...
Is the exception of the rule not the rule, correct?
Or is it the rule with the modern meds.?

Bye guys...
Good night


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