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Hi all, long time reader here, never thought Iíd have to post on the forums but I need some advice:

Iím normally on truvada but was told to stop for a few weeks, so I was going to start back up after this current trip that Iím on to Greece which ends Monday.

Long story short I had an encounter with a guy who told me he was HIV positive undetectable at the end. We did use protection and I was the top however at the end the condom slipped off when I pulled out, (I think) or sometime close to the end. Iím a firm believer in U=U but he did give me some pause when we were discussing it because he did change statuses, first saying he was on Prep, then saying he was undetectable.

I do know about PEP and for itís use on an emergency basis, Iím unsure I fit that because although at one point the condom was off, it wasnít a full exposure. I do know that generally doctors or ERs only prescribe it on a strict basis and although I know you canít fully diagnose me or anything was wondering if this is an avenue I should fully pursue or not. I am currently in Greece as mentioned and wonít be back until Tuesday and even calling some hospitals to check if theyíd have it has been a logistical nightmare. Normally I would wait until Monday and call, however with the time change Iíd be getting really close to the 72 hour byline if I were going to take it I would welcome any advice!

Jim Allen:

Condom slipping off during withdraw isn't an HIV issue for you as long as the head of your penis was covered during the intercourse.

You would need to tell me in more detail what happened. However, if the condom was missing when withdraw meaning it fully came off during the act of intercourse it's a risk.

PEP would be up you, if you do want PEP keep in mind for it to effective you would need to start within 72 hours. Test at 6 weeks post finishing PEP with a blood drawn HIV antibodies test, this result would rarely ever change and retesting at 3 months is more for peace of mind.

--- Quote ---Iím a firm believer in U=U but he did give me some pause when we were discussing it because he did change statuses, first saying he was on Prep, then saying he was undetectable.
--- End quote ---

End of the day,  nobody can guarantee the partner is undetectable and adherent to meds.

Discussing HIV staus is a nice concept but ultimately meaningless, as even testing on the spot would mean nothing and people as full of BS. Treat every encounter as a risk an old  protect yourself - Condoms & PrEP.

Jim Allen:
Here's what you need to know to avoid HIV infection:
Use condoms for anal or vaginal intercourse, correctly and consistently, every time, no exceptions. Consider talking to your healthcare provider about PrEP in the future as an additional layer of HIV protection

Keep in mind that some sexual practices described as Ďsafeí in terms of HIV transmission might still pose a risk for transmission of other STI's, so please do get tested regularly and at least yearly for all STI's including but not limited to HIV and test more frequently if unprotected intercourse occurs

Also, note that it is possible to have an STI and show no signs or symptoms and, the only way of knowing is by testing.

Kind regards


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Hi Jim,

Thanks for your reply. Basically it was dark so Iím unsure how long the condom was off for. I think it slide off as I was pulling out but canít be 100% sure that was when it slid off. I do know it was lodged in his rectum when I pulled out and when he removed it it looked like when I finished the cum was inside of it; not him. 


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