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Re: Deep bleeding wound and contact with positive guy

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Jim Allen:

--- Quote ---Kindly could you please eloborate below mentioned state.  Sorry to say this. Infact I don't understand it.
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Okay going back to the questions you had it included this:

--- Quote ---Suppose if few virus could latch on a targeted receptor, isn't it replicate ?  Or any other defence mechanism of our body eliminate the small amount of infected blood containing hiv virus ?
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I explained that HIV is fragile, exposure outside the human body etc and besides this the quantity is missing as HIV uses brute force for lack of better phase to infect and needs overcome barriers inside the body like the innate immune system.

Trust that's clear.

--- Quote ---One more doubt,

As a daily life, if suppose once we got a  comparitively deep cut and the bleeding has been stopped. The same thing happened to other person ( suppose). After that while we  travelling through crowded bus or train, accidently this 2 wound has hited. So again blood came from both. Pls tell me the risk for this incident too.

Pls do not leave this without answer bro.  Its a humble request.
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This is the same fear as the first situation just in a different setting.  Anyhow, it's not an HIV concern.

--- Quote ---I really do not need any CBT treatment brother. I hope the points "why not infected " it will heal those fearfull thoughts.  Now also, once I read your reply how much far am relaxed you know.?
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I did not suggest CBT treatment. What I said was if you can't move past these fears, about hypothetical issues then prehaps consider speaking to someone face to face (covid permitting) to help you cope with these fears. Additionally, and although nothing you mentioned would warrant it from an HIV prevention point of view, prehaps consider talking to your healthcare provided about daily PrEP against HIV as a way of reducing your fears regarding infection.

Look I wish you well but as I said, I'm not going to fully repeat a similar lengthy discussion with you here that you have already had elsewhere or answer questions already answered.

Please don't post about this again as it will lead to a ban out of kindness to encourage you to seek professional support.

Jim Allen:
Final warning!

Jim Allen:
In all fairness, I warned you three times, banned.

Your last question is just ridiculous btw, go read a biology book on oxygenation.


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