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$1 A Day For Antiretrovirals In Africa ????

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On Wednesday I saw an interview on CNN with Matt Damon, who recently went to Africa and is now working to help those with AIDS & HIV in that part of the world.. I believe in association with 'ONE.Org' In the course of the interview he mentioned that 'Anti Retroviral Drugs only cost about a dollar a day' and have given many people renewed health and hope for a future...

A Dollar a Day? just which combo is this ?? I'm not one to give a celebrity's word on ANY subject much weight but it was mentioned several times both by Damon And the interviewer.. Is this something that Drug companies are doing at cost ( hard to believe) or is this something other than the HAART therapy that we're familiar with in the US and Elsewhere? or did biscuit face just get his facts wrong ?

My first thought was "A dollar A day ? whats that combo ? Some Leftover AZT and two Crackerjacks?" Just wondering...

*This is copied from my original post in the old forums,

     Starbucks costs more than a dollar a day!  Sustiva and Truvada are like $47 a day here.  Do you think he was just acting when he said that or was this a serious role for him?  LOL. 

the discounts provided to 3rd world countries may make it realistically a $1 per day.

however, these are at production cost or below..... it is not what anybody in the US pays for the exact same meds.

the pharma charges us more to subsidize them.... I won't draw any conclusions about this as it would make me seem a very mean and evil person.

But I can comment on starvation there: .... reach down and grab a handfull.. and what do you have?   sand.... what's it gonna be a hundred years from now?   SAND!   Move to where the  food grows.


Ok, I know that's overly simplistic but when people view these stories by famous people... and think.. oh, aids drugs are only a dollar a day.. well.. that isn't in this  country.

Gee, and I thought I was the only one that was a Sam Kinnison Fan....
" Get your Kids, Get Your Shit, We'll Make One Trip, We'll Take you To Where The Food IS !!!! "

I wonder if ADAP is aware of this little .99cent special? They could save $1,970.00 a month on just me. :o

pull ya head in Dingo,

pharma doesn't charge you more to subsidize meds in Africa. Americans pay for their meds what the market will absorb.
meds in Africa, for those that can afford them (even if they are $1 a day), are likely to be generics made cheaply in India and the like under the DOHA declaration or funded through international AID programs or be azt monotherapy or the like rather than the whizzbang pills you have access to

And if you believe Africa is all desert and sand then perhaps you should educate yourself a little more about Africa. And, people are just not free to 'move to where the food grows' as you suggest.

Don't be so insulting and degrading to these people who just happen to not be as fortunate as youreslf simply because of where they live.

Be grateful for what you have.



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