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AP Interview... Thanks to all... UPDATED!!! Kind of...

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Let Your Light Shine, Babycakes............ :-*

methinks our little girls are all grown up now  :'(  happy tears

Trishie, girlfriend...

Our phones have been hot these past couple of days, and you were the first person to hear my news about my local interview!

I have told you in private, and will say so in public, how wonderfully proud I am of you with everything you've done for all of us, here on AM.

Sorry I didn't see your post on our old forums, but you know you are always in my heart, and on my mind.

Months ago, I told you that our paths had converged for some reason, and now, I think, the reasons are being revealed. Imagine, interviews for newspapers within days of each other, OMG, how perfect is that???

All my love, darlin',

Your Zephyr



You rock girl . I, am so very proud here in Belgium.

When I grow up I want o step out of my closet and show the worl how HIV can be dealt with.


Yea Trish!   Let us know how it goes, ok?   I'm so proud of you.

Love & hugs,

Alan   ;D


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